Wednesday, April 21, 2010

when the phone doesn't ring

I feel like I’m 32 and dating again. I sent a proposal for a project in and haven’t heard back from the client. I really want this project (guy) but the phone isn’t ringing and every time I check my email I feel like a loser. The interview (date) went well, so why isn’t the client calling? Did I botch the proposal (leave a lame message)?

Even worse, I heard a friend is up for the project as well. She’s a better fit (hotter, smarter) but she doesn’t even want it! Of course she’ll get it (him) because she can play all uninterested.

I seriously sucked at dating--what makes me think I can make it in the small business world? I’m lousy at networking and getting my name out there—how will this ever work? A month in the game and already second-guessing my marketability!

Please let this guy call.

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